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Here is a very important list that has been developed by a panel of experts in the field worldwide, the award given annually for the best building of a minimum height of 100 meters finish last year. The prestigious Emporis Architecture Prize, considered together with the CTBUH Award and also the IHA International Highrise Award, one of the most famous awards worldwide in terms of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, is celebrated since 2000 to this day and is called "Emporis Skyscraper Award." The important award recognizes excellence in the design and functionality of the buildings over 100 meters tall architectural structure or that have been opened the previous year.

Each year, a group of Heads of Drafting choose thoroughly after rigorous voting for the top three projects through three awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Tall buildings (called High-rise) and prominent skyscrapers around the world as the Absolute Towers in Mississauga, designed by MAD Architects, the Aqua Tower in Chicago, designed by Studio Gang, the Cocoon Tower in Tokyo, Architects Tange design, the 30 St. Mary Axe in London designed by Norman Foster, the HSB Turning Torso in Malmo, designed by Santiago Calatrava, the Hotel Porta Fira de Barcelona Toyo Ito design or Eight Spruce Street by Frank Gehry, among others, have received so time this prestigious award.

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Absolute World 1
Mississauga, Canadá
MAD Architects

Top Ten List:
51 points: Absolute World 1, Mississauga, (Canada)
45 points: Al Bahr Towers, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
24 points: Doha Tower-Burj Qatar, (Qatar)
23 points: The Bow, Calgary, (Canada)
18 points: House on Mosfilmovskaya Block 1, Moscow (Russia)
17 points: Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, (China)
15 points: Varyap Meridian, Istambul, (Turkey)
14 points: UniCredit Tower, Milan, (Italy)
11 points: Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel, (Spain)
11 points: Dumankaya IKON, Istambul, (Turkey)
11 points: Zhengzhou Greenland Plaza, Zhengzhou, (China)


Eight Spruce Street
Manhattan, New York City, USA
Gehry Partners LLP

Top Ten List:
35 points: Eight Spruce Street, New York City (USA)
23 points: Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait City (Kuwait)
21 points: Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
16 points: KK100 Development, Shenzhen (China)
16 points: Victoria Tower, Stockholm (Sweden)
16 points: Great American Tower, Cincinnati (U.S.A.)
14 points: F&F Tower, Panama City (Panama)
13 points: Northeast Asia Trade Tower, Incheon (South Korea)
13 points: Reflections at Keppel Bay (Singapore)
11 points: Tianjin Global Financial Center, Tianjin (China)


Hotel Santos Porta Fira
Barcelona, Spain
Toyo Ito & Associates
Special article here

Top Ten List:
33 points: Hotel Porta Fira (Spain)
25 points: Burj Khalifa (U.A.E.)
17 points: Tour CMA CGM (France)
16 points: The Pano (Thailand)
15 points: Capital Gate (U.A.E.)
13 points: The Legacy at Millennium Park (U.S.A.)
13 points: Strata (U.K.)
9 points: Capital City Moscow Tower (Russia)
8 points: Torre Diagonal Zero Zero (Spain)
7 points: International Commerce Centre (China)
7 points: Goldman Sachs Headquarters (U.S.A.)


Aqua Tower
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Studio Gang Architects

Top Ten List:
86 points: Aqua Tower (Chicago)
61 points: O-14 (Dubai)
43 points: The Met (Bangkok)
38 points: Torres de Hércules (Los Barrios)
36 points: Trump International Hotel & Tower (Chicago)
34 points: The Red Apple (Rotterdam)
32 points: Bank of America Tower (New York City)
16 points: Almas Tower (Dubai)
13 points: Millennium Tower (San Francisco)
10 points: William Beaver House (New York City)


Cocoon Tower
Tokyo, Japan
Tange Associates

Top Ten List:
77 points: Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower (Japan)
41 points: Boutique Monaco (South Korea)
29 points: Shanghai World Financial Center (China)
24 points: Torre Caja Madrid (Spain)
21 points: Bahrain World Trade Centre 1 (Bahrain)
21 points: The Broadgate Tower (U.K.)
17 points: Tornado Tower (Qatar)
12 points: Grand Lisboa (China)
10 points: Pangu Plaza Office Building (China)
8 points: 600 North Fairbanks (U.S.A.)


The New York Times Building
Manhattan, New York City, USA
Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Top Ten List:
73 points: Het Strijkijzer (Netherlands)
48 points: Newton Suites (Singapore)
47 points: Ontario Tower (U.K.)
44 points: Torre Espacio (Spain)
28 points: Aspire Tower (Qatar)
27 points: New York Times Tower (U.S.A.)
23 points: Rose Rayhaan by Rotana (U.A.E.)
23 points: The Willis Building (U.K.)
16 points: Naberezhnaya Tower C (Russia)
14 points: MGM Grand Macau (China)


Hearst Tower
Manhattan, New York, USA
Foster + Partners

Top Ten List:
83 points: Hearst Tower (U.S.A.)
61 points: The Wave (Australia)
59 points: Eureka Tower (Australia)
48 points: 1180 Peachtree (U.S.A.)
27 points: Hesperia Tower (Spain)
26 points: Beetham Tower (United Kingdom)
18 points: Shimao International Plaza (China)
12 points: 10 Holloway Circus (United Kingdom)
12 points: Palms Fantasy Tower (U.S.A.)
12 points: Aurora (Australia)


HSB Turning Torso
Malmo, Sweden
Santiago Calatrava

Top Ten List:
106 votes: HSB Turning Torso (Sweden)
35 votes: Q1 Tower, Gold Coast City, (Australia)
31 votes: Montevideo, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
29 votes: Triumph-Palace, Moscow (Rusia)
24 votes: Deutsche Bank Place, Sydney (Australia)
21 votes: Chelsea Tower, Dubai (UAE)
17 votes: 1 King West, Toronto (Canada)
15 votes: The Arch, Hong Kong (China)
14 votes: Hyatt Center, Chicago (USA)
13 votes: Bloomberg Tower, New York City (USA)


Taipei 101
Taipei, Taiwan
C. Y. Lee & Partners

Top Ten List:
48 votes: Taipei 101 (Taiwan)
32 votes: Torre Agbar, Barcelona, (Spain)
27 votes: World Tower, Sydney, (Australia)
21 votes: Highlight I, Munich (Germany)
20 votes: Europa Tower, Vilnius (Lithuania)
17 votes: Times Square Tower, New York City (USA)
15 votes: Langham Place Office Tower, Hong Kong (China)
14 votes: Espirito Santo Plaza,Miami, FL, (U.S.A)
13 votes: Frost Bank Tower, Austin (USA)
12 votes: Hotel Princess Barcelona, BCN, (Spain)


30 St. Mary Axe
London, United Kingdom
Foster + Partners

Top Ten List:
88 votes: 30 St. Mary Axe, London (United Kingdom)
33 votes: Highcliff, Hong Kong (China)
29 votes: Skybridge, Chicago (USA)
25 votes: Hoftoren, The Hague (Netherlands)
16 votes: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Tokyo (Japan)
13 votes: Tomorrow Square, Shanghai (China)
11 votes: Edelweiss, Moscow (Russia)
10 votes: Aliye Parusa 2, Moscow (Russia)
10 votes: Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong (China)
7 votes: Torre Mayor, Mexico


Kingdom Centre
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ellerbe Becket & Omrania

Top Ten List:
6249 votes: Kingdom Centre, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
4122 votes: Post Tower, Boon (Germany)
3988 votes: 111 Huntington Avenue, Boston (USA)
3876 votes: 8 Canada Square, London (United Kingdom)
3321 votes: One First National Center, Omaha (USA)
3106 votes: 5 Times Square, New York City (USA)
3077 votes: The Sail Tower, Haifa (Israel)
2876 votes: The Tower 243, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
2458 votes: G.T. International Tower, Makati (Philippines)
2310 votes: Maybank Tower, Singapore (Singapore)


One Wall Centre
Vancouver (Canada)
Busby + Associates Architects

Top Ten List:
4189 votes: One Wall Centre, Vancouver (Canada)
3892 votes: Millennium Point, New York City (USA)
3562 votes: Plaza 66 Tower 1, Shanghai (China)
2776 votes: St. Regis Hotel, Shanghai (China)
2707 votes: Trump World Tower, New York City (USA)
2517 votes: Coeur Défense, Courbevoie (France)
2505 votes: 383 Madison Avenue, New York City (USA)
2341 votes: River East Center, Chicago (USA)
2314 votes: CAAC Pudong Tower, Shanghai (China)
1902 votes: Cerulean Tower, Tokyo (Japan)



Sofitel New York Hotel
New York City (USA)
Brennan Beer Gorman / Architects

Website Official EMPORIS (Link external)

References / Referencias

The Urban Towers Handbook
John Wiley&Sons, London, 2011
by Eric Firley and Julie Gimbal

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TURNING TORSO - Santiago Calatrava
Bellisco Ediciones, Madrid, 2008
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