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Here is an interesting architectural curiosities directory in : Special Skyscrapers. This type of large volume buildings in search of heaven, which originated in the late IXX in the American city of Chicago , and quickly moved to the city of New York , came to solve the problem of scarcity and the high value of land, the high demand for houses also overpopulation. In a plot of small size, a plant is kept repeating upon each other. The steel frame , —originally from the architect-engineer William Le Baron Jenney—, along with the great invention of the elevator made ​​this kind of high-rise buildings .

First Period skyscrapers Functional first Chicago School (1880-1890) , as the Home Insurance Building in 1885 , gave way to the eclectic character ( 1900-1920 ) , who recovered the historical references as the Beaux Arts ( Fine Arts ), the Neo-Classical and Gothic Revival , as the Flatiron ( Beaux Arts) and Woorlworth building ( Gothic Revival ), both in New York Art Deco period (1920-1940) , whose most representative buildings are the Empire State and Chrysler , International Modern Period (1950-1970) , as the Seagram or Marina City Towers in Chicago , the Super -high period (1965-1980) , whose examples might be the Transamerica Pyramid or the old World Trade Center in New York , among others, the Postmodern (1980-present ) , HSB Turning Torso or Torres Porta Fira de Barcelona , or technological Late Period ( 1985 -present) , Bank of China Tower , Eight Spruce Steet and The Shard, among many others.

The architecture has evolved throughout the twentieth century and early twenty-first century . In fact, it is the beginning of this century when inaugurated the tallest skyscrapers in the world . Overpopulation , climate change , new materials and new construction techniques have motivated the leading architects and engineers have begun to design buildings that respect the environment. Do not forget that 40 % of CO2 emissions come from the architecture . The skyscraper phenomenon has spread worldwide , especially in countries like China and the United Arab Emirates . In fact , it is in Dubai , where he is currently the Burj Khalifa, —which with its architectural height 828 meters record now retains tallest skyscraper in the world—, where stands the largest number of skyscrapers over 300 meters height .


Denominación de alturas CTBUH (Era Megatall)

Taipei 101 (Taiwan)

La Sacudida en Rascacielos (Túnel de viento)

Al Hamra Tower Kuwait

Hearst Tower New York

Aqua Tower Chicago

One World Trade Center New York

Mile High Tower (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Seagram Building

Flatiron Building

Torres Porta Fira

570 Lexington Avenue

New York by Gehry

Old World Trade Center

O-14 Dubai

Fountain Place Dallas

Guangzhou IFC

Himenocallis, Burj Dubai

Marina City Chicago

Petronas Twin Towers

Rose Rotana Tower Dubai

Transamerica Pyramid

Home Insurance Building

Carrera por construir el rascacielos más alto del mundo