Phrases and famous quotations: Auguste Renoir

Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Impressionist painter)


« It is the color that should control the structure, not the drawing. »

« I know that's hard to understand that a painting can be very large and, at the same time happy. »

« Manet is as important to us as Cimabue and Giotto were for the Italian Renaissance. »

« I want a red ear and it resonates like a bell, failing that, add still red and other colors, until you do. I'm not beating on this. No rules, or methods. »

« The only thing I require of a model is that your skin does not reject the light. »

« How often I have painted The Embarkation for Cythera! So were the first painters with whom I became acquainted, Watteau, Lancret and Boucher. Rather Diana in bathroom was the first picture that impressed me, and I followed all life loving him as you want to your first love. »

« I look naked, there looks small specks of color. I have to look for those that make the flesh on my canvas, something alive, something that moves. »

« Nature takes the artist to the loneliness, I want to live among men. »

« It is after you have lost your teeth when you can afford to buy steaks. »

« I would never be an artist if women do not have breasts. »

« We do not eat every day, but still I'm in a good mood. Monet invited us occasionally to eat. And then we atiborrábamos wicking turkey, for which wine was Chambertin. »

« Impressionism eliminated my dry and brought me to the conclusion that could not paint or draw. »

« It's my paintbrush with what I do love. »

« ... When women were slaves, were housewives. But now starting to have rights, they lose importance. When they are equal to men, then you will know the true slavery. »

« I am totally happy and I will not die before finishing my masterpiece. »

« I need to feel the excitement of life stirring around me. »

« No one person or a landscape or subject which does not have any interest, although it may not be immediately apparent. When a painter discovers this hidden treasure, others are immediately struck by its beauty. »

« The painting is learned in museums. »

« The pictures are made to decorate the walls [...] A painting should be something pleasant, to enjoy and pretty, yes pretty. »

« I'm back, and let's not, old paint and lightly sweet ... It's nothing new, but it is an extension of the tables of the eighteenth century. »

« The most important element in a photograph can not be defined. »

« I never think I have finished a nude until believe that you can to pinch. »

« Leonardo da Vinci boring me had to have been confined to their flying machines. »

« I've been forty years to discover that the king of all colors is black. »

« I have set before me the object as I want it. Then start and paint like a child. I would like a red sound like the ringing of a bell. If you do not get the first time, take more red and other colors until I got it. I'm just ready. I have no rules or methods. Anyone can try out the material or use me as pinto: you will notice that I have no secrets. »

« I say that a tree is just a combination of chemicals. I prefer to believe that God created it, and is inhabited by a nymph. »

« Ideas come later, when the image is finished. »

« All great art is abstract. »

« The work of art is the means by which the artist expresses his passion. »

« The only reward you can give an artist is an offer to buy his work. »

« One morning, one of us ran out of the black, and was the birth of Impressionism. »

« The museum was learning to paint ... When I say that the Louvre is learned to paint, I will not say that we should dig into the varnish of the tables to apprehend their tricks and redo again the Rubens or Raphael. Everyone has to do his time painting. But the museum is the taste for painting, that nature alone can not give. No says before a beautiful landscape: I want to be a painter, but before a picture. »

« In painting, as in the other arts, there is a single process, no matter how insignificant it may be reasonable in a formula. »

« A photograph should be pleasant, cheerful and beautiful. There are already a lot of boring things in life. »

« A breast is round, it's hot. If God had not created the breast of the woman, do not know if it would have been a painter. »

« All I do is paint, and paint and keep painting until I feel like pinching. So I know that it is right what I have done. »

« One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond their capacity. »

« Modern architecture is, in general terms, the greatest enemy of art. »

« The only way to understand painting is to go and see it. »

« The pain passes, but the beauty remains. »

« Today you want to explain everything. But if you could explain a picture, it would be a work of art. Should I tell you what qualities are in my opinion the real art? You must be indescribable and inimitable ... The artwork must captivate the viewer, envelop, drag. It communicates the artist, his passion is the current issued and which includes the observer in it. »

« Do not talk about paintings, you look at them. »

« Being a good craftsman does not prevent it from being a genius. »

« The experience of art is an experience of meaning, and as such is a product of understanding. To that extent the aesthetics just done in hermeneutics. »

« Every encounter with a work of art means an encounter with ourselves. »

« Tubes oil colors, easily transportable, allowed us to paint from life. No tubes ... there had been no Impressionism. »

« Working with love is the secret of happiness. »

« The problem is that if an artist knows he's a genius does not work. The only solution is to work as a worker and not have delusions of grandeur. »

« I like a painting that makes me want to walk in it. »

« The museum, for example, is not merely a collection open to the public. The old collections (both in court and in the cities) reflected the choice of a particular taste and preferably containing one work to which was attributed a certain exemplary. The museum, however it's a collection of such collections, its perfection lies, and this is significant, to hide their own source of such collections, either historically rearranging the set either completing things together until a all encompassing. »

« To be an artist you must learn the laws of nature. »

« One morning, one of us that was missing the black, he used blue: Impressionism was born. »

« The advantage of getting older is that you realize your mistakes faster. »

« You have to be a fool if you intend to stop the march of time. »

« My concern has always been painting nudes like splendid fruit. »

« Pinto with joy, the same joy you make love to a woman. »

« By 1883 I had exhausted Impressionism and the end had come to the conclusion that it could neither paint nor draw. Simply put , Impressionism led to a dead end ( ... ) in particular, I realized that our style was too formal , it was a painting wearing one himself permanently compromises . Outdoor light is more varied than in the studio, which remains unchanged for all purpose and task. But precisely for this reason light plays an excessive role outdoors. Do not have time to polish a composition, you do not see what it does. I remember once a white wall cast their reflections on my canvas while painting . I was selecting increasingly darker colors , but without success , despite my attempts , went too light. But when I later looked at the box in the studio, looked completely black . If a painter paints directly from life , basically seeks only effects the time. Not strives to capture , and soon his paintings are monotonous (dry period). »

« An artist must have confidence in himself, and listen only to his master nature. »

« The regularity, order and perfection destroy art. Irregularity is the basis of all art. »

« Religion is everywhere. It is in the mind, the heart, the love you put into what you do. »

« How difficult is to find a box the exact point where to stop as soon as the imitation of nature. »

« In the life blocks of granite sink, still floating corks. »

« The painter having sensitivity for breasts and buttocks is saved. »

« The simplest motifs are immortal. »

« I'll tell you what I think are the two qualities of a work of art ... First, it must be indescribable, and second, it must be unique. »

« Several of my models were ladies of the street: I was afraid that their lovers prohibit their 'women' attendance at my studio, but they also were good guys. Some of them even posed for me as models. »

« I lack decision because I have too much doubt. Give me certainty and I promise performance. »

« All my life I've loaded with complications, so I simplify today. Strokes, more strokes, blending into each other. »

« Sometimes I speak as Southern farmers. They say that they're unlucky. I ask them if they are sick and I say no. Then they are lucky, they have a little money, therefore, if they have a bad crop are not hungry, they can eat, they can sleep and have a job that allows them to be outdoors, to sunlight. What more could you want? Are men happier and not even know it. After a few more years, I'll leave the brushes and devote myself to live in the sun. Nothing more. »

« It is necessary that the paint does not peel off the smell of the model, but we perceive of Nature. »

« I am rough with my figures until they form a whole with the landscape that provides the backdrop. »

« When I was a boy, was often in the galleries of ancient sculpture, on the other hand not knowing why, maybe just because every day going through the courtyards of the Louvre, these rooms were easily accessible and that there was never anyone. I stayed there for hours, daydreaming. »

« The most simple themes are timeless. Nude woman emerge from the bitter or bed wave. Venus or Nini will be called. Do not invent anything better. »

« Not enough that an artist is a skilled craftsman, to love and cherish his canvas too. », Auguste Renoir

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