I present an exciting new section, which will gradually adding some spectacular videos made with timelapse photography technique in principle to promote other fellow photographers around the world and I hope over time to encourage me to make one. This interesting technique so surprising and striking, is reflect reality through an accelerated video consists of hundreds of images that have been captured with a digital SLR camera and stitched together by software, results in a dramatic video. This is a technique performed with a DSLR camera that, unlike on the video camera, we can capture high quality images in very low light conditions thanks to the long exposure times we can achieve with our camera Photographic, for example of the star, however, most of the reflex sensors now have full-frame video with embedded system.

Meaning of Time-lapse:
« It's called a time-lapse video sequence accelerated, where events happen at a much faster rate than normal. Is to record a video and then speed it up or create a photo shoot capturing a predetermined interval of time, later to join the photos into a video. »

With the photographic work of field and through a video editing program such as After Effects, then, by a process not too complicated that anyone could make, we unite all our video pictures to create music that add to get the desired result, most particularly, I think at this point that the right choice of music occupy 40% of the overall importance of the video, however, some interesting moments of music can emphasize any particular sequence of the scene. It is very important to note that we must find a suitable frame for each scene; roam around around the chosen area to find the right place will be the most convenient.

We must try to capture the movement of the clouds of the sky and stars, people, cars or the rising and setting sun, as they create beautiful scenery in the video by the changes of light and shadow, also turn on or off the night lights of the city. It is also important to look at the scene near and far objects to create depth in the video. With this we create great contrast between the static architecture (buildings, urban fabric) and the movement of the rest of the other objects that we captured during our long shoot, which take everything you need to keep warm, food, water, etc., we must not forget that much of timelapse photography sessions were held both in the morning and at night and for several hours, so you have to go very well prepared. When taking pictures with a digital SLR camera on a tripod, get images at very high resolution, which will give the high quality video.

To bring dynamism to timelapse videos on the market called sliders (a kind of motorized metal rail on the camera glides slowly), and, with the help of an external intervalometer or existing in-camera, we take pictures to the time that you indicate. There slider systems that can offer both horizontal and vertical movements as a slant. To the human eye perceives well the effect of a timelapse video, will be shown in the video approximately 25 images per second. With every photo shoot we do in each place we get approximately 4 seconds of video, this will depend on the number of photos that we have made. To get an idea, we will need about 100 pictures to get 4 seconds of video, 25 photos to get one second, the length of the video will also depend on the speed finally giving this.

In Architecture, for example, is very common to use this type of technique, in a few minutes, see the evolution of a building, for example, of a building, which in reality has taken years to build. The introduction of the Making of (what was done) in the video is usually very good. If you are a professional photographer and has done some interesting timelapse think could bring something to this directory encourage you to send me your huge job promotions. In particular, and as we may be seeing in this interesting class blog, I like especially the timelapse post on architecture, including architectural works and / or cities, however, if you like this post I encourage you to also share in the major social networks and do not forget to see all of this directory timelapse videos in high quality (HD) on the entire screen.

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