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The Pritzker Prize is considered the highest award you can get an architect throughout his career, this is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize. It began in 1979 and was created by the Pritzker Family millionaire, owns a hotel chain in the world, the Hyatt Hotels. Owners Jay A. Pritzker (1922-1999) and his wife Cindy Pritzker, aware of the importance of architecture in the world, decided to found this award, because, as residents of Chicago, knew the importance of this, and in particular the of this city, birthplace of the skyscraper par excellence, where very important architects like Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, Frank Lloyd Wright or Mies van der Rohe, among many others, had left their important architectural legacy.

The award is given each year around the world and winning architects receive a cash prize of $100,000, a formal Certificate, and since 1987, the distinctive Bronze Medallion. This beautiful pendant is based on designs of Louis Sullivan himself, a renowned Chicago architect considered, along with William Le Baron Jenney (1832-1907), "Father of the skyscraper"; however, the bronze medal is inscribed on the reverse the three words "firmitas, utilitas, venustas" in reference to the basic principles we should have all architectural work and were made ​​by the Roman architect Vitruvius: firmness, utility and beauty.

Pritzker Prize List

1979 Philip Johnson (USA, 1906-2005)
1980 Luis Barragán (México, 1902-1988)
1981 James Stirling (Great Britain, 1926-1992)
1982 Kevin Roche (USA, 1922)
1983 Ieoh Ming Pei (USA, 1917)
1984 Richard Meier (USA, 1935)
1985 Hans Hollein (Austria, 1934)
1986 Gottfried Boehm (Germany, 1920)
1987 Kenzo Tange (Japan, 1913-2005)
1988 Gordon Bunshaft (USA, 1909-1990)
        Oscar Niemeyer (Brasil, 1907)
1989 Frank Gehry (USA, 1929)
1990 Aldo Rossi (Italy, 1931-1997)
1991 Robert Venturi (USA, 1924)
1992 Alvaro Siza (Portugal, 1933)
1993 Fumihiko Maki (Japan, 1928)
1994 Christian de Portzamparc (France, 1944)
1995 Tadao Ando (Japan, 1941)
1996 Rafael Moneo (Spain, 1937)
1997 Sverre Fehn (Norway, 1924-2009)
1998 Renzo Piano (Italy, 1937)
1999 Norman Foster (Great Britain, 1935)
2000 Rem Koolhaas (Holland, 1944)
2001 Jacques Herzog (Switzerland, 1950)
        Pierre de Meuron (Switzerland, 1950)
2002 Glenn Murcutt (Australia, 1936)
2003 Jørn Utzon (Denmark, 1918-2008)
2004 Zaha Hadid (Great Britain, 1950)
2005 Thom Mayne (USA, 1944)
2006 Paulo Mendes da Rocha (Brasil, 1928)
2007 Richard Rogers (Great Britain, 1933)
2008 Jean Nouvel (France, 1945)
2009 Peter Zumthor (Switzerland, 1943)
2010 Kazuyo Sejima (Japan, 1956)
        Ryue Nishizawa (Japan, 1966)
2011 Eduardo Souto de Moura (Portugal, 1952)
2012 Wang Shu (China, 1963)
2013 Toyo Ito (Seoul, 1941)
2014 Shigeru Ban (Japan, 1957)
2015 Frei Otto (Germany, 1925)
2016 Alejandro Aravena (Chile, 1967)
2017 Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem & Ramón Vilalta
2018 Balkrishna Doshi (India, 1927)
2019 Arata Isozaki (Japan, 1931)

Cash prize: $ 100,000
Accreditation Certificate
Bronze Medallion
Date of celebration: March of each year around the world

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